Donate Button

What is the Degafi Donate Button for your Platform

Any Website owners or institutions can embed their campagin on their platform with an easy to use code that can be copied from the campaign Page. This are simply ways to succesfully embed campaign code on your site. 

1. Go to your campaign Page

All Campagin pages you created will have an authomatically generated html code for you to be able to embed it. you can find the embed code by clicking on the embed button found below the campagin Image or next to Share buttons. 

2. Preview the Campaing Donate Button 

After clicking on the embed donation button you will get a preview of your campagin when you place it on your website html code. Below the preview you will get an HTML Code

3. Copy Code and Paste on your Site

Below the Preview you will need to copy the html code and paste it on your website core code and you are ready to go. 

When users visit your website you will get a donate page with the donationon short information and when users click donate they will be taken back to our platform where users can start the process of donating using the provided form on our site.