Why Degafi?

Learn about the benefits of Degafi Fund over other crowdfunding sites

It’s about people.

Degafi is about connecting people, and people helping people, with people who want to help! So our community is built off people who want to help, not buy stuff.

No Hidden Fees.

Degafi's fees are clearly stated, and accurate. No hidden fees, funding fees, donor fees or anything else. It is Just 5% and 1% for Covid-19 Related Cases. 

Mobile friendly campaigns!

Degafi’s are all mobile friendly for your convenience and the convenience of pledgors. It Loads Less than 2.5 Second on 3G Networks and 1 Second on 4G networks.

Track your performance.

Degfi.com provides a simple and intuitive campaign manager dashboard that visualizes everything you need to know about how your campaign is doing.