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encouraging people with disability

hope for the blind and handicapped rehabilitating

our Assocation is a community based organization which is mainly focused on enou...

No deadline 0ብር Raised 0.00%

Goal 499,999ብር Addis Ababa

ለስምንት አመታት የአልጋ ቁራኛ የሆኑት አባት የምለው አለኝ ይላሉ

Nuro Bezede Media

“ካቅሜ በልጦ ልጆቼን...

No deadline 2,395ብር Raised 4.79%

Goal 50,000ብር Addis Ababa

ለጋዜጠኛ አባተ ማንደፍሮ እንድረስለት

Nuro Bezede Media

የጆሲ ኢንዘሃውስ ቀኝ...

No deadline 99ብር Raised 0.05%

Goal 200,000ብር Addis Ababa

ለድሬደዋ ለገሀሬ አካባቢ ነዋሪዎች

Biniam Negessu Mulisa

ድጋፍ ለሚሹ ድጋፍ እና...

No deadline 79,078ብር Raised 79.08%

Goal 100,000ብር Dire Dawa